lundi 4 octobre 2010

A walking stereotype?

Lately (like, for the past 3 1/2 years) I've been wondering what makes me look so French here in Toronto. Not Québécois - FRENCH from France. Or French from Belgium.... or French from Switzerland... Or even Mexicain (that's right guys). Never Québécois though. Why?

Maybe it's because:

I smoke some nasty cigarettes?

I wear scarfs in inappropriate seasons?

I LOVE frog legs. DE-LI-CIOUS.

On occasions, I sport a nice stripy-shirt (black and white for full impact)

I wear a cap + scarf, while smoking and eating cheese....

I own a french maid complete outfit...

On a more serious note, I've been asking myself how much attention this blog would get if I was to always post in English. NO WORRIES FOR THOSE WHO LOVE THE FRENCH THOUGH, I am not about to pull it out. In fact, I do believe that's why my blog is different: blogging about design, house stuff and all in French, in Toronto.

But still... most fellow citizens would read me if I was indeed switching to inglish-e.

4 commentaires:

HR a dit…

*Accent ultra anglais*
Wellll Darliiing...
Si tu te sens plus à l'aise et que ça peut t'attirer plus de lecteurs, why not coconut comme l'autre dirait!

On va te lire quand mêmeuuuh ;)

Eric Pellerin a dit…

Naaaaan! Un post d'occasion en anglais par ici ou par là, mais je ne vais jamais changer pour un blog complet en inglishe. J'ai déjà BEN EN MASSE d'exposure de même dans ma vie de tou-é jours!

Verdigris Vie a dit…

Yes - it still counts!!
Send me your email when you get a chance...


Eve Martel a dit…

In french... Oui monsieur!